Magnificent Obsession

"Once you find the way you'll be bound. It will obsess you. But believe me, it will be a magnificent obsession."

30-ish, wife, mama, artist, photographer, grad student, academic nerd, music junkie, pop culture addict, profanity lover, bleeding heart liberal. Southern born, New England raised.

I love Glee like a teenager. I think Darren Criss is one of the most talented people around.

Love says: I’ve seen the ugly parts of you, and I’m staying.
Matt Chandler

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Zachary Quinto for Manhattan Magazine (x)

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Yep. In love with ALL of this.

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I hope you don’t have friends who recommend Ayn Rand to you. The fiction of Ayn Rand is as low as you can get re fiction. I hope you picked it up off the floor of the subway and threw it in the nearest garbage pail. She makes Mickey Spillane look like Dostoevsky.

Flannery O’Connor's  unambiguous opinion of Ayn Rand in a 1960 letter to a friend

Pair with O’Connor on why the grotesque appeals to us and the difference between religion and faith.

DarrenCriss: Congratulations to the totally awesome Daniel Radcliffe on the closing of “The Cripple of Inishmaan” today. Bravo to another great Broadway run!

I even reposted this on FB I loved it so much. These boys. I super *heart* them.

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klainehiatuschallenge day 30 -  klaine scene that surprised me

But it’s Thanksgiving, and it’s sectionals, and I miss you like crazy. And I can’t stand not talking to you, even though I’m mad at you. 'Cause you're still my best friend.

All. The. Tears.

Well this still makes me want to cry.

“During breaks in the filming of the ‘West Side Story’ episodes, he’d [Darren Criss] come over to us, the musicians, and he’d start playing the piano. Or he’d ask a girl if he could play her violin and start playing that. He can play just about any instrument and sight-read music perfectly.” - Erik Hughes

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378 plays
Ryan Adams,
Gimmie Something Good


Ryan Adams, “Aching For More”

@sheisdash: Call her carolina ! Just a regular day at the office. #bossbishhhhh #fcf @nlyonne #oitnb #mexico. #babyilikeitraw.

@sheisdash: Call her carolina ! Just a regular day at the office. #bossbishhhhh #fcf @nlyonne #oitnb #mexico. #babyilikeitraw.

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Samira Wiley for Bello Mag

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